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The template capabilities of Flash mean you no longer need to spend time recreating the same graphics daily.

In addition to providing all the functionality of a traditional playout video server ibs animate has the ability to pull live data and render graphics animations on top of a live video feed or a digital video playlist.

ibs animate overcomes the previous limitations that have prevented the adoption of Flash in broadcast facilities.

Unlike playout servers that support playback of pre-rendered Flash animations, ibs animate renders vector-based .swf files in real-time.

Our unique, patent pending rendering technology lets ibs animate dynamically render Flash animations into true broadcast-quality streams. Frame-accurate rendering as well as video playback of mpg files is ensured so there are no repeat or drop frames, as well as perfect audio sync.

Alpha channel is available for clean internal or external keying. Support from Pharos’ Playtime, as well as other automation control software ensures smooth scheduling integration within the organization.

Separate Preview/Program channel outputs allow content creators to “see” how the animation will look on TV prior to airing.


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