Linear Broadcast (TV, IPTV, Mobile TV)

For linear broadcast ibs animate can be used as a graphics server or as a Channel-in-a-Box video and graphics server. ibs animate is distribution neutral, so it can be used for broadcast TV, IPTV and mobile TV.

Graphics Server

ibs animate will be downstream from the video server and be controlled by the automation system. It will receive the SDI output of the video server and key the real time Flash graphics on top, outputting the integrated broadcast signal.

And specifically in the case of IPTV ad Mobile TV ibs animate can be used to add any type of graphics to the broadcast signal in real time just before the feed is encoded for distribution.


ibs animate will playout out an SD or HD video clip and the Flash graphics as an integrated broadcast signal. For a live feed ibs animate will receive an SDI input and key the graphics over that instead of the video clip.

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