At First Person our mission is to provide a software platform that lets our customers captivate today’s elusive viewers.

We developed the Interactive Broadcast System (IBS) to provide a single platform to assemble and deliver content and make channel launches and ongoing operation easier.

At First Person our goal has always been to help our customers reach their audience simply, cost effectively and profitably. For broadcasters, content producers and platform operators our unique ibs technology can streamline content assembly for distribution across multiple platforms.

First Person’s design philosophy is to create products using off-the-shelf hardware and software as opposed to developing proprietary solutions. This offers considerable savings for our customers by reducing upfront and operational costs and improving integration and reliability.

Promotions and advertising are almost as important as the content itself when it comes building channels and grabbing audience share. Our products deliver real cost saving and revenue opportunities. IBS provides interactivity, video playout and flash based full frame graphics that take full advantage of the convergence of IT, IP and broadcast technologies. Our products can work with any broadcast infrastructure, whether SDI based or IP Stream based.

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